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We are not sure how long man has been on earth, but the fact that the knife was his first tool we are sure of.The need to hunt animals for food, to cut meat, skin the hides and have a tool for protection was solved when we first picked up a piece of sharp flint rock to use as a knife. We learned how to shape the flint rock into desired shapes, such as arrow heads and spear points as well as hand held knives. With the introduction of iron as a workable metal around 1,200 BC, knifes and swords took a leap forward. No one can agree on who invented stainless steel or where. Metallurgists were seeking better metal for gun barrels to prevent overheating from rapid fire. They used a combination of iron, chromium, carbon and several other metals.In doing so, they accidentally discovered the optimum material for knife blades, stainless steel.You run searches like, handmade knives for sale texas, handmade hunting knives Texas, handmade knives Texas,custom fixed blade knives, custom handmade knives and you will find a lot of knives and knife makers. Some good, some not so good. Thank you for visiting Ghost Custom Blades! Buy custom handmade knives here and you will be a very proud owner.



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These are just a few of my favorites. Although every knife I make is special to me, some of the handmade knives turn out to be a piece of art. The exotic woods are beautiful, Hawaiian Mango, Hawaiian Koa, Maple Burl, Stringy Bark Eucalyptus just to name a few. All the file work is done by hand and can take several hours to complete.

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