Ghost Custom Blades is a Custom Knife focused company located on the world wide web.

A Family Owned Business

Let the custom knife live on!!

I have been working with metal for over 30 years. Its a great feeling when someone gets something you have made and their eyes light up and a smile shows up across their face.

It is my goal to offer the best knives possible within the budget of each project. This is why I used the finest high alloy tool steels; this is why I offer the best finish possible, the most accurate fit, the most superior fitting materials and premium handles. While there is no such thing as perfection, I strive to create the finest blades, sheaths, cases, and accessories, each suited to my client’s individual needs, and investment. I do this by listening to their needs and desires for the best knife for their interest or use, and work with them to achieve this goal. I’m thankful to know that I have some of the best clients in the world, and I am thankful for every one of them who have given me the opportunity to do what I love. I’m committed to doing my very best for them on each and every project!